If I'm looking to lease a BMW X6 and Mercedes GLA 250

Serious question.
I’m looking to lease two vehicles in January Bmw x6 and Mercedes GLA 250
Should I be talking to an broker now or not. I want to custom build the X6 but might cost me more per month to lease. Please Advise
Nonetheless though, when exactly should I start contacting brokers, because it’s going to be a busy month for me in January 2021.
Thank you

Just ask the broker how long it takes from order to delivery and time it that way

I drove a GLA rental from National today. It was perhaps the worst car I’ve ever been in. Nothing about it was Benz-like, except the cheap plasticky logo ornaments.


Really, I told my wife it was a bad choice but she wants it

Talk to a broker, a custom build doesn’t necessarily cost more.
Also agreed with @mattevan GLA 250 is a piece of shit

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same experience. GLA250 is pretty bad, nothing like Mercedes.

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I’d check with a broker now to get a better idea. X6 is made in SC, right? So probably 3-4 week delivery timeline, if the dealer has a slot for it.

As for the GLA, just remember that MBFS doesn’t allow transfers… so once you’re in it, you’re stuck :grin:

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