Ideas for a great 24 month lease?

I’m looking for a 24-27 month lease. I only need 7500 miles. I live in PA. I prefer luxury cars with some speed (it can’t be slow, but doesn’t have to be the fastest). I’d like to have AWD but not critical. I currently have a C300 AWD. I’ve owned Audis, BMWs, MBs, Infinitis, and Acuras. I like to wrap everything into the lease but will evaluate based on total cost over the life of the lease. I’m fine doing MSDs or even single payment. But I like getting great deals (current car is a $47K car and I pay $368 including tax with only first payment due at signing).

Ideas or suggestions?

Time to try a Volvo. 2018 S90 T6 AWD with $60 k MSRP on 24/7.5 can be a great deal. But some will suggest E-class loaner also, of course.

PA has the best lease deals in the country for alfa Romeo giulia

Do you know what the RV/MF is for 24 months and 7500 miles/year in PA? I’d be looking at the Ti with AWD.

S90 is too big. If I were to get something that big, I’d look at an SUV.

Understand when a car is “too big”, but don’t get your logic of going from sedan to an SUV. Like saying that if you wanted a big apple, you’d get a melon instead.