Idea for flipping supply-and-demand

Just floating an idea to see if this is feasible.

What if somebody created a service that will take binding lease applications when a deal hits a certain price? I know that lease contracts need to be for specific cars and VINs, etc. but would this be possible – kind of like a blank check where some of the numbers are pre-filled out and already a signature on the line.

If a dealer would have a bunch of these , it will become more of a demand-based model where they can see what people wants (vs stocking their lots with cars they think they can sell). I’m sure 1-2 days before the end of month, they can just pull all this out and see what deals they can do. They have to be are binding so this whole thing works but not sure how that would be possible.

I don’t think this can be binding or even legal. Not many people would agree to sign a blank form either.

If something like this existed, it might work against the LHr community. If normal consumers agree to higher numbers, the dealers would call/sign all of those first and us LHr might never get our great deals.

Maybe it should be the other way around - numbers listed, just waiting on signature.

Can’t hand over a signed blank check - that’s a smoking gun.