IAC PNW BMW Deals - Serving ID, MT, UT, WY, NV, or, WA!

Interested in ix please share

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Please email me at the address above with what you’re looking for


Question- when do you expect you will have the lease quotes?

Thank you

Any chance you’ll get X7’s?

I’m a bit delayed on making an inventory list, but email me and I will help in the meantime

Unlikely, but I can ship those from elsewhere.

Any located in WA State?

Any update on the pnw deals for the i4?

Going to be 12.5% off, please email me scott@insightautoconsulting.com with what you’re looking for, too many to list

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is there any discount of x5 50e in pnw?

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No, there are basically none available due to production having stopped on them for several months

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Thanks! pnw is always the last to show up on discounts. Will wait for the discounts to trickle down here.

This is more of a nationwide issue right now when it comes to the 50e.

Agree. there was production issues before, but the allocation is coming back. I start to see discounts in other regions, like this

I’d confirm that, there really aren’t many allocations out there, not on the East Coast at least, I don’t think I have a single dealer with an allocation.

If you’re fine not knowing when you’ll get a car anyone can promise invoice and put you on a list for a retainer or deposit. :sweat_smile:

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Emailed a week ago. Interested in an I4 in WA and wondering how long the turnaround might be to hear back.

Could you DM us your name and email to review?

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As far as I know, I replied to everyone, so please send me your email and I’ll look for it.