IAC Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Porsche - 9.5% OFF NEW CAYENNE S!

IAC is proud to start bringing the Leasehackr community deals on New and Demo Porsche vehicles! We’re excited to be partnered with an excellent dealership in the Northeast that we’ve fully vetted and done several deals with already before bringing their offerings to the community.

Where we are

  • Northeast and Mid-Atlantic - Our dealer is in the heart of the Northeast, conveniently located within an easy drive of the major tri-state metro areas. Our deals are worth driving for! We service clients from NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, VA, DE, and more! Our dealer is also conveniently located from major rail with complimentary transportation to the dealership available.

Order Information (2023)

  • Credit apps must be submitted and approved in order to get a build allocation.
  • Self or assisted shipping arrangements options can be provided if you cannot pick up in person at the selling dealer.
  • We will collect our service fee upfront on inception of the order – If you must cancel after the allocation has locked to further modification, this fee should be considered to be forfeited in it’s entirety.

Pricing Information (2023)

  • For ANY Porsche that you don’t see listed below, please contact us and we will do our best to assist.
  • You must add your local Tax and Registration to the calculator links provided. If you do not know these, we will make best effort to research this for you when you reach out and will be verified with the selling dealer.

:phone: Ready to move forward or have questions? Want a quote with tax? Send me a PM or Call/Text 516-416-5481


IAC SEPTEMBER 2023 Porsche Deals:

Base Macan - 8% Off MSRP
Panamera 2/4 (Including Platinum Edition) - 5% Off MSRP
All 2024 Cayenne Trims - 3.5-4% Off MSRP
For all other Porsche that we have available allocations for, we can offer CLEAN MSRP DEALS! No mandatory dealer add-ons, low $449 dealer fee, and excellent service. Contact us for a custom quote on any other vehicle!
$599 Broker Fee on all deals listed in this post

See calculators below for sample pricing:

2023 Macan Build:
Base Macan @ 8% Off MSRP
Starting @ $60,900 MSRP
Lease Starting at $752/mo with Taxes & Fee Due At Signing
Click HERE For Calculator

2023 Cayenne & Cayenne Coupe Build:
Base Cayenne @ 4% Off MSRP
Trims: Cayenne & Cayenne Coupe - Base & Platinum Edition
Starting @ $73,650 MSRP
Lease Starting at $1,029/mo with Taxes & Fee Due At Signing
Click HERE For Calculator

2023 Panamera Build:
Base Panamera @ 5% Off MSRP
Trims: Panamera 2 & Panamera 4
Starting @ $93,850 MSRP
Lease Starting at $1,325/mo with Taxes & Fee Due At Signing
Click HERE For Calculator


Hi! I am interested in Demo Cayenne!

Details will be posted momentarily! I’ll contact you.

Thank you :slight_smile:


:fire: 2022 Porsche Cayenne Demo Special:
Mahogany Metallic on Black/Mojave Beige
Premium Package Plus
Assistance Package
$93,900 MSRP


I will take a sport classic, Dakar, and GT3 touring please.


Submit an inquiry. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’ll get them all at sticker, eventually…


Amazing! I guess they will make 1251 sport classics, 2501 Dakars, and reopen production on the GT3 just for me.


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I think you got the point. I’ll add the word available if it makes you happy, I didn’t think I needed to clarify that we can’t sell cars that aren’t being produced.

I’d be putting in an order for a 964 C4


Order me a Carrera 2.7 RS while you’re at it. I will only take it in Irish Green with a matching tartan pattern interior.


How many watches do you want to buy? :smile:


Need some Texas tax credits on that demo. :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

Oak ok?

Friends car not mine


That is absolutely beautiful.


I like the cayenne loaner! Great deal on it.


Thank you! I’d imagine we’re going to have that thing finalized and out the door very quickly.

I have another in white that is not nearly as aggressive, and also just sold a black one that was only at 10%.

There’s potential for a Porsche South downstream, bear with us a time and we’ll get there.


Did it sell!?

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