I3 BEV -- Today Only -- 12/22/2017

ATTENTION No changes will be made, no extra incentives can be applied (i.e. grad, fleet, etc). Only adjustment I willing to make for your convenience is mileage adjustments. Have a great day!

SIDE NOTE If you message me trying to negotiate I will be forced to put you on my naughty list. You’ve been warned. :santa:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 BMW i3 BEV

MSRP: $48,445
Selling Price: $41,500
Rebates: $11,500 (Qualifier: Must currently be an i3 owner $2000 and $1000 Drive Event included + Fleet Discount Goes in the back end)

Months: 30
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00180 (Yes, the dealer is making money somewhere. Apologize in advance for keeping the lights on :yum:)
Residual: 61%

Total Due At Signing: $0
Downpayment: $0
Monthly Payment: $205.66 + tax

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Man, the i3 battle is getting fierce…

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Sounds like a good deal if one qualifies for all the rebates. Just curious why you won’t include grad rebate? Doesn’t the dealer get reimbursed from BMWFS anyways? Or is it not stackable with all the other rebates?

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Sorry I forgot to mention that this includes Fleet and Drive Event discounts. Fleet and Grad can’t be combined. That’s all.

LoL … Now the dealers are coming with Today only deals even on the internet forums. Whats going to change if we decide to sign the deal a week later before the month end ?

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Lets be honest here… most people have waited all year long… adding a sense of urgency to benefit myself and the potential client, I don’t see the wrong in that. That’s what an ad is, everything has an expiration date. Mine just happens to be today. :+1:

Wonder where this deal is available? Is it countrywide?

I am ready to buy at that price and let me know the location?

@ssuresh98 It varies state to state.

@mnat54 Email me so I can see if you qualify. Thank you. khurramt@shellybmw.com

This is a fantastic deal!! Not many dealers have BEV left in OC nor they want to touch or come close.

If it wasn’t for my silly BMWCCA issue I would have snatched this up today :tired_face:

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@Johnny Don’t worry bro your deal isn’t going anywhere. I got you when Sunday comes around. Xmas Eve though so lets hope we can make it happen.

Hello, I am looking for a i3 BEV , please let me know where are u located ?

562-857-1809 Khurram Tai @ Shelly BMW

Any specials for tomorrow or day after?

Any units you want to move today or tomorrow?

$47,545 MSRP; Sale Price $43,000
$0 Down $284+tax
$1000 Drive Off $250+tax

Must qualify for loyalty. You can add fleet to save another $500. Thanks.