I3 BEV NorCal deal

Hey Hackers!
What do you think of this deal?
MF is marked up a bit, maybe I can get them to give me the 0.00093

I’ve seen better deals in SoCal but not that many in NorCal, wondering if dealers here aren’t as motivated to push the i3s.

Selling price should be with a discount of around 12% and the MF has to be base, something like this

Thank you for the input. I’ve contacted multiple dealers up here, no one seems to be willing to go deeper on a lowish MSRP i3, not sure why, maybe they sell quite well for higher prices.

Almost no one in the north cal will give base MF, everyone marked up to max… mine i3 was max marked up MF, but you can push more on discount, I ended at 15~16%

could you share your deal as a baseline for me? was that on a REX or BEV? also the dealer would be helpful if you want to PM to me. Thanks!