I wonder what the MF and RV was for the McLaren was

Forgot to post this a few months ago when I screenshot it and thought it’d be a fun share. Feel like maybe he coulda done better on the Pacifica?

Lmao. I guess he just doesn’t care enough to negotiate. Maybe we should introduce him to this site :). He’ll be trying to hack a GLS or something soon

It gets to a certain point for some people where the time spent negotiating for hours or days costs them money and more importantly time. I would suspect someone paying $10k a month for cars falls into this category.

But I am curious as to why he is leasing a Chrysler instead of a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes especially if money is not an issue.


I probably don’t give a sh*t about what anyone who goes by the name “benballer” does or says.


I’m guessing he’s struggled to find a van on any of their lots, short of a metris

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In a Home Depot full of tools (of every size shape kind and cost), the stupid Pacifica is a perfect $10 hammer: it does absolutely everything you need it to, a few things it probably shouldn’t, and costs relatively nothing compared to the higher-end specialty toys.

It was also probably for the Au Pair, but you’d have to ask baller ben when he ain’t ballin around in a marked up supercar.

*except start and drive all the time, being an FCA product and all.

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Details. I had one as a rental, and had no issues with it (other than that wanting out every second I was in it). Not for me but perfectly fine.

Also keep in mind money doesn’t always buy taste lol. He may not be a car guy. Idk him or ever heard of him so no clue

Same here lol. Never heard of this dude. Had to look him up lmao