I want to takeover ur lease. No $ DAS


I have top tier credit and looking to take over a lease that has 6-12 mos left. Max $250 a mo. No dep. No EVs. Prefer 25+ MPG. Still under manufacturer maintenance warranty. At least 10K miles left in agreement. Brand not too important. Prefer VA area but will consider surrounding states.

Not sure how to reply to all post, but thanks for ur input.

Sorry bud, but not going to happen, EVERYONE is looking for a $250 lease right now and people with a $250 lease can sell it for money instead of giving it to someone else.


Unfortunately, this is the wrong timing for you. Those with lease deals in those considerations (myself being one of them) are holding or selling for equity. You would have a car in as quickly as the manufacturer could process the transfer in the past. I never say never, but I would not count on it happening currently.

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No offense but sounds like You have no idea how crazy the car market is now.

Let us know what you find.

Grab this and run LOL
“2021 Toyota RAV4 lease in Gaithersburg, MD” 2021 Toyota RAV4 lease in Gaithersburg, MD

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In other words

I want your equity !!!

OP, please post in the thread titled “All Wanted Ads…”