I want to sell or trade in my 2016 Audi A6

Hello and sorry if this has been asked. I saw a similar post while digging before asking on here but didn’t find my answer unfortunately.

I’m looking to get rid of my 2016 Audi A6. I’m financing currently and owe about 17k on it. I see the value of it to be around the 17k-18k mark so I’m pretty even right now.

I’m trying to get into a lease (Audi Q8 or S Q8). Is this even possible since I have this vehicle I’m financing at the moment?

T.I.A. :pray:

“I have a financed car that’s break even in value for (trade, private party, instant offer).

I want to lease a car.

I haven’t provided mileage but I’ve chosen cars that lease for between 800-1300 (10k/36mo) + TTL from prominent brokers on this site.

I did not provide a budget.

Thank you in advance.”

George, please read the wiki, search marketplace threads, read off ramp threads, etc.

You didn’t provide one iota of information that lets us know if you should/ can afford to sell an A6 for a lease that will cost 30k+ over 3 years. If you have the money & don’t care, do it. If your A6 is fine and working wait. That’s literally every other g’damn thread right now. Otherwise this is a low effort :poop: post.


Yeah it shouldn’t matter as long as you have good credit and low DTI.

What’s the vin# and miles. I might be interested in buying it.

Didn’t think all that info was necessary tbh. Also, if I’m looking for the Q8, I’m aware of my budget. I didn’t need help getting the car just yet, just advice on how it would work, that’s all.

Thanks for your input though.

Get a 3rd party value from Carmax or Vroom / Shift since you financed it.

With how crazy the market is for used cars, you might be surprised - it might fetch more than your current balance…

Then approach the Audi dealer with your numbers and see if they can make the Q8 deal happen.


Yes, it is possible. If you are in no rush to sell your A6, I would hold off getting into a new car now. I am not sure about pricing on the Q8 or SQ8, but if you are planning to lease you will be paying at least $1k+ per month.

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Best bet is to go get offers on the car you want and simultaneously check to see what the likes of. Carmax, Vroom, Carvana etc. will pay for your existing vehicle. Whatever they pay will go to paying off your loan.
Timing may not work out nicely so there’s a chance you sell your car before you have a new one coming your way given the inventory issues (unless you find something in stock).

Lol… go get offers. That’s typically the worst thing you can do

okay: don’t lump the A6 with your new lease. all dealers do with trade-ins is give u less than its worth and have another number to hide lol

go sell it on one of those 3rd party sites (shift vroom carvana etc). take that money and one pay the new lease.

i mean a better money choice is to keep ur used car. but leasing a q8 means ur doing fine. so yeah, don’t mix the two up

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Figure out who to sell your A6 to. Have you gotten offers from Carvana, CarMax, etc.? You don’t need to have an Audi dealer purchase your car.

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Shorthand for go make offers I suppose.

I think I’ll look into Vroom and Carvana etc. Never heard of those until coming on here but it looks like the place to go. I did read that Carmax tends to offer less than those two.

I appreciate the help on this. Thanks again!

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Check Algo also. I’ve sold 2 cars to them in the last few months and both times they were substantially higher than Carvana and Vroom.

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Takes two minutes on each site to get an offer.

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This is not always a trend.

CarMax has offered me more on several occasions than Carvana.

When you figure out the A6, following Leasing 101 to put together an offer for dealers.

Agreed. And ask mentioned in many, many other threads, some buyers pay more for certain vehicles, so check them all:

I just sold the same car to Algo. They just picked it up. Got 21k and car needs new brakes and had 1 minor accident on carfax. I paid 19k for it last year. They beat out all competitors. 2016 s line package 59995 miles.

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