I want out of my 2017 Volvo S90 lease

Any suggestions on how to get out my lease. Volvo doesn’t seem to allow lease transfers…

Sell it and get hosed. Why don’t you like it?


Yep, what @Yinzer said. But you’ll get hosed really hard on a Volvo. Didn’t know they don’t allow transfer.

Why dont you post some details. Just for a reference. You can roll negative equity in a cheaper lease?

Negative would probably be $10,000 :slight_smile:

2017 S90 T6 Inscription (MSRP $66,105)
Had $1000 drive off
39 month term

Nothing horrible about the car. Just not that fun to drive and don’t think its worth the $600/mo.
You’re right about getting hosed. Carmax offered me $46,000 last month. Current payoff is about $53,000.

Since it’s a new model there is no Blue Book value for it which makes anybody taking it on trade very conservative. Probably wait it out a year or so.

Enjoy it for a year and revisit. Can’t just impulse buy with cars man.

Most important question Does it have the crystal shifter knob?

Second observation. Must be real bad to drive if you want out of it. I guess Volvo missed the mark on this lol. Maybe I will try to test drive one to comfirm my fears.

7k hit now is prob better than waiting a year and it being 10-15k

It’s already closer to $10K, I think:

His payoff goes down by $600/mo while trade-in drop off will slow down somewhat and may be less than $600/mo, but who knows.

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I agree with you on this one. It’ll much closer to evening out at the 1 year mark. I found this with many leases I’ve had in the past. The 1 year mark is less painful than under 12 months.

Damn $600 a month for a 66k Volvo? You could’ve been Hellcating with the best!

Damn a $66K Volvo!..

The wagon I test drove was 68k

I want to go Hellcating :frowning:

Damn ANY Volvo over $50K!

Lol xc90 excellence is 100k.

See…that’s what i’ve been telling. Did you not test drive my dear? I walked out of a $494 deal for the S90 inscription because I didnt like the drive AT ALL. it drove like a sonata. I might as well buy a loaded sonata for 300 bucks. this one looked better, but drove the same. not worth the price. XC90 is better though.

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It’s all about the crystals guys, com’on. been telling you for the last 3 days :slight_smile:


loads man!! Volvo MSRPs are crazy. They compare themselves with AUDI…i mean…THE AUDI!!! :wink: