I’m such an idiot sometimes

Popped a nearly new set of tires from utires.com on my wrangler yesterday as I’m below the minimum tread and my lease is up at the end of the month.

Today, I head out to drive to the store, and I hear this horrible whirring road noise sound. Pulled over, hopped out and all looked fine. Drive off again and it’s back, turned off the AC, sound increases with speed. Stop, hop out again, check all four tires, slide under the car to see if I’m dragging something. 5-10 minutes of poking around. Nothing. Now I’m convinced I somehow got a dud tire, hop back in the car all pissed off and drive off again. Sound is back so I try and pinpoint which tire it’s coming from. Oddly it sounds like it’s coming from everywhere. It’s this moment I look up and notice my sky one touch roof is open by like 1” so the whole roof is slightly ajar. Close it, sound is gone.

I’m an idiot. :slight_smile:


At least it was a good ending. So many worse ways to feel like an idiot!

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