I have a 2008 car and I graduated less than 24 months ago, where can I still get conquest and new grad incentives?

Already got rejected by Honda because they need a 2009 or newer and 12 months since graduation. Which manufacturers offer these incentives for my situation? Thanks.

Have you checked on Honda Website about their Grad program ? Also, while it is good to awail such rebates, sometimes you can check other brands that could be better at pricing even without these available rebates. (Eg infiniti which doesnt offer college grad yet)

Huh, just double checked and looks like Honda is past 24 months. I guess the dealer was misinformed.

Thanks for the tip on Infiniti, I’ll take a look.

I doubt. You need to negotiate your deal before you mention college grad. Add the college grad after you have achieved the lowest possible price.

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BMW Comes to mind however with some caveats…

BMW Financial Services and BMW North America are pleased to announce the continuation of the successful $1,000 Lease/APR Credit for the College Graduate program.

Program Details
– $1,000 Lease/APR Credit is good towards the lease or finance of any new BMW MY2019 or newer vehicle, excluding All M2 Coupes, M3 CS Sedan, M4 CS Coupe, MY19 M5 and M5 Competition Sedan, through BMW FS.
– Super Elite rate available for eligible graduates who qualify for Standard Plus credit tier or better.
– Advance will be based on customer’s FICO score and income.
– Security Deposit Waiver, unless stipulated by credit.
Program Criteria
– Graduation from an accredited college or university, within the United States, with an Undergraduate, Graduate or Associate’s degree earned within previous 24 months OR eligible for graduation within next 6 months with a verifiable offer of employment.
– A copy of the graduate’s diploma or official transcript.
– POI or employer letter with the Human Resources representative’s contact information, stating position/title,
and income.
– At least 6 months of credit file – no previous derogatory credit on any trades.
– Gross debt to income ratio of less than 45%. Gross automotive payment to income ratio of less than 20%.
– Security Deposit waived unless stipulated by credit.

Customer Eligibility
– Customers need to meet the requirements set by BMW Financial Services for program criteria.
– Customers must purchase or lease a qualifying new BMW MY2019 or newer vehicle, excluding All M2
Coupes, M3 CS Sedan, M4 CS Coupe, MY19 M5 and M5 Competition Sedan, from an authorized BMW
– If a co-signer is included on the credit application, the graduate still must meet all of the program criteria in
order to qualify for this incentive.
– BMW College Graduate Credit is non-transferable.

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Shouldn’t take that long to check a few OEM websites such as Toyota, VW, Subaru and Hyundai.


Bmw loaner all the way. If you’re in Cali use the hunger games promo code for an extra $1000 as well

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What if OP doesn’t have BMW loyalty?

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My first 3 series in the household came up to be a pretty good deal as we didnt have loyalty but sister had college grad. So depending on incentives at particular time, college grad does still make it a good deal. Atleast one rebate is better than none and ofcourse both are the best :rofl:

Conquest on some models+ ol+ college grad is $100/mo off on a 24 month lease. Add in cca if it’s a new car

what is OL and CCA? Couldn’t find those in the acronym thread lol

I can tell you personal experience that Honda and Hyundai are 24 months post graduation

@giveleaseplease are you going to update this thread based on what you found out about OEM grad rebates?

Looks like most of them are 24 months but most of them also require that graduation to be from a US school, which means I’m out of luck.

Haven’t found much about conquest though. Are there any manufacturers that don’t have that silly 10 year limit that makes me not eligible with my 2008?

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