I Have $400/Month, What Should I Lease?

I Currently Lease A Hyundai Equus and my lease is ending soon. Looking for my next car but I am terrible at getting good deals (I got stuck paying almost $600/mo for my Equus when I heard they were going easily for well below $550)

I want something fun with a good amount of power. I also want something with all the bells and whistles. I don’t really care for the brand, I would rather have a fully loaded, less premium car than something like a base BMW.

Other than that, I don’t have a specific brand in mind or type of car. I’m open to all suggestions. I heard GM is offering $3000 for people with a Hyundai lease.

The amount of money is all in (with DP rolled in) and not including the amount for tax, tag, etc.

I am looking for 12k miles per year and if it has a good residual, I might purchase in the end. please leave your suggestions along with the estimated cost. I am not in a giant rush for a new car as I can drive my wife’s car for a few months (also a hyundai lease)

The $3,000 is good for Chevy only.

You probably get a pretty loaded Camaro 2LT for $400 or less.They are advertising a 1LT for 229 per month with $1,700 down before tax and fees.


If you have

  • a Hyundai lease “asian brand”
  • $400/mo (lower than the $500 on the other thread)
  • not care about the car brand specifically

The answer this month is Chevy for the $3,000 “asian lease conquest” you mentioned (lease needs to be current and end maximum 365 days from now or not per some threads). They will also be doing a reload tomorrow of some bonus tags and/or lease tags so it is going to be a great month for Chevy leases.

Most people are getting Cruze, Equinox, Trax for single-pay $1,700 for 24 months/10k miles per year. The Chevy Canyons have 82% RV for their work truck so those leases could also be under $150/mo.

If you want to go up a level, the Denalis (Acadia) should also be great deals this month on their SUVs.

If you want a car, you can probably get some good deals on the Infiniti Q50 for under $400/mo. @vhooloo will tell you to get a Volvo :slight_smile: Your target should be a vehicle around $40-45k MSRP


Kia Cadenza? Someone on here got a deal on one. Should have all the bells and whistles

Scatpack Charger or Chally…No Brainer with power and goodies combined.

If it has a “good” residual, you will not want to buy it at the end. You need low residual with a lot of lease cash, low MF and low sale price to have low payments and to buy it at the end.

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If you’re looking for another large, plush sedan like your Equus, one that gets good reviews is the Chevy Impala. Premier trim will have the most bells and whistles.

Right now the deals on Chevys, esp with the 3k conquest rebate, are pretty hard to beat.

Infiniti Q50 fits that criteria to a T.

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Yup infinity Q50 sounds like it fits the bill

Nope no Volvo this time. With an Asian Lease and a budget 400 dollars a month, this month you could get a Cruze, a Trax and an Equinox and still have money left over :slight_smile: You would be silly to pass on getting a Chevy. Even if you only keep it as a second car and or flip it after 6 months.