I give up on the mustang .They are offering me this deal on basic Cadillac ATS . What u guys think?

27 months, 10k miles per year.

359/mo including tax, 335/mo + tax

MSRP: $36,490

Residual: 67%
Money Factor: .00028

Total Rebates Applied: $3440 including lease loyalty

Selling Price: $33,148.95 minus rebates

GM Supplier Discount: $1260.79

That seems way higher than it should be, are you sure that residual is correct ? Also is the money factor that low ? Those number don’t add up at all, just plugging those numbers into the calculator without knowing tax and other stuff you should be looking at 230-260 a month with 0 down.

Agreed, the calculator yields much cheaper figures (although the overall price per month vs. MSRP looks decent). Something’s off. A 27 month lease? :thinking:

Which state do you live in?

How much due at lease signing?

Yeh sorry 27 months . I’m negotiating a better MSRP I’m gonna share the calculator in a bit .Im live in maimi

This is what I pushing for