I don’t know whether to laugh or cry 😭


This just popped up in my facebook feed


Not sure what’s more confusing… offering a lease for 36 mos or financing for 60 all in the same “quote”. I guess the numbers “make sense” at full boat on a base trim?


Ha, only a jag electric would need free maintenance for 5 years, what does that include? Cleaning the battery plugin and praying the electronics don’t go pear shaped?


I’m tempted to see just how hard I could hack one of these now. Hmm.

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I was thinking the same thing :joy:

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Please hack one and let me know … my f-type lease is up on February i may just get one early as a secondary and let my wife drive it until then :joy:


Not the same car but I got a good long look at a F-pace 2.5t this weekend out of the Hertz PC lot. Wasn’t terribly impressed and traded it out for a Tahoe LT.

Still worth a reality check though. I’m fairly certain I could do better than this on a decked out example.

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I drove the f-pace for a weekend when my car was having scheduled maintenance done… drives really good and it was a 2.5t as well


@Sharif There’s already a thread for these types of offers.

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