I can Provide any information on all Volkswagen and Subaru

Where do i provide MF . or Risidual . or information like that . to a MOD or on here ?

@michael and @littleviolette are the forum admins.

When is VW doing the TDI buyback and what are the terms the dealers are going to have?

I am eyeing a new 2015 egolf limited edition. MSRP 34k and change. What are the 36 months 10k residuals, any hidden incentives etc? Will the dealer take 25% off MSRP?

Hey. Do you have details on the 2016 Subaru Forester and Legacy?

Could you please provide lease details on the 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6 Touring?

Buybacks are supposed to start in October per the VW buyback website but I’m guessing few people will get buybacks that soon.

Could you provide details on a Subaru Legacy lease for 24 months, preferably no money down. Thanks

Good morning, VWnSubaru!

As it happens, I’m interested in leasing either a VW or a Subaru…

What are the residual and MF on a 36-mo/15k miles lease for:
2017 Subaru Legacy (base and Premium)
2017 VW Golf Wolfsburg Edition
(Both would be automatics.)

Thank you!

Hi, I’m interested in leasing 2017 Subaru Forester premium with all weather package , and package #14 (eye sight+blind spot) in NY. 36 months, 12k/year
What would be a good price? I’m looking into no money down and taxes rolled into monthly payments with only first payment and registration due at signing
Thanks in advance

LoL. This is a really old thread and apparently the OP never responded to any of the requests for info. Hopefully you can still get some good info.

The OP got canned as part of VW cost savings LOL.