Hyundai Tucson Deal - Looking for help

Hi, Probably getting my girlfriend this car today- she wants it and is very stubborn so my hands are kind of tied…

Hyundai Tuscan Ultimate AWD
MF- 61% at 10/36
RV- .00183
Lease Cash: 2750
Bonus Cash: 1000
(All of these numbers were confirmed through Edmunds before going to the dealership and they didn’t mark up anything which surprised me)

MSRP for the vehicle is 34585
Dealer discounted to: 33076 claiming invoice
-3750 in rebates
= Selling of 29326
at 61% RV
.00183 MF

deal breakdown

How much meat is there on the car do you think… I saw about a 925 holdback on a Hyundai forum as well as invoice/holdback site. I also saw someone saw go for 8% off MSRP on another deal rater (leasehackr).

I was thinking of asking for 8% off MSRP and biting at 6% which would bring the payment to around 333 a month… The car isn’t at the dealership and the car is in high demand where I live (only 4 ultimates in a 250 mile range) I don’t know if that works for us because the dealer sells it before it arrives… or they are going to laugh if I shoot to low.

Thanks for any help in advance. In PA i am at 9% tax… 3% of the total car and then 6% of the monthly payment.

That would be a good deal for an Ultimate…go for it. Don’t listen to people here who want to judge everything by % of MSRP. This car’s MSRP could easily be higher which would artificially improve that metric.

Btw isn’t PA tax just 9% on monthly? That should lower your tax @mp11477

I appreciate your time responding! From what I read on the PA site its 3% of the upfront cost of the vehicle and then 6% (not Allegheny County) on the monthly regardless its a couple dollar difference. I thought the same thing with Hyundai the RV seemed to go up and in MF went down from past months so we will jump on it. Have 3 dealers fighting for under 32500 before incentives.

11% in Philadelphia county, 10% in Allegheny (Pittsburgh), 9% remainder of state. Tax is based on home address, not where car is purchased. Tax is based off monthly.

awesome. Thanks. Looks like the deal will be a selling price of 32000 so a 317 a month payment… I told them to beat 317 so they will probably say like 315 or 316 a month

Low 300’s on this model is a pretty good deal considering how much equipment it comes with it too.

just as I said 320 a month with fees at signing. PA is difficult due to it being the land of AWD SUV’s, and Hyundai not having a lot of Ultimate’s on the lot. Thank you all very much for the advice!

I am looking for a deal on a 2020 Tuscan. I am only interest in the ultimate awd. 36/15.

With just fees and first month das. What are current residuals and mf in central NJ? I can’t seem to log on to Edmunds site to get the MF and other numbers.

What would be a good monthly payment on this car?


My car was totaled and I need to make a deal soon.