Hyundai Sonata SE...good deal? need some help understanding quote

Hi all, this is what Im getting on offer in the Bay area for a basic Sonata SE
They say that they take the upfront payments (acq fee, first month, tax on cap cost reduction, reg and doc fee) out of the rebate.

MSRP: $22,910
Sale Price: 21,006
Lease Cash: $2,750
Fall Cash: $500
Uber Driver: $1000
College Grad: $400
Residual for 12k: 54%
MF: .00019

$0 due at signing | 12k miles per year | $157.31 plus tax = 171.47

For me, the leasehackr calculator says 127 with 1681 drive off.

I guess if i take 171.47 - 1681/35 = 123.44 which is what the calculator basically says? is that the difference?

is it better or worse for me to have them take the upfront off the rebates vs my just pay it upfront? i am having a mental lapse on the difference between those two…


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Deal looks fantastic, congrats!

It’s perfectly fine to do a $0 drive-off lease. No need to pay the fees upfront if you don’t want to; they’ll just roll it into the payments. You’ll pay fractionally more in finance charges, but if you total your car, you can just walk away without losing any upfront fees.

Hyundai is advertising the Sonata SE for $179/mo. for 36 mos. with $2199 down, and the Santa Fe SE for $289/mo. for 36 mos. with $1749 down. What would be a good monthly price for these with $0 down? I will pay any taxes, license, registration and documentation fees, not rolling them into the lease. Looking to lease both at the same time for myself and my wife.

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