Hyundai sonata and tuscon numbers for Nov

Hi all
I was supposed to get a sonata SE last month but my uber signup was delayed. I want to get one this week.
I am also considering the Tuscon

Anyone know the current incentives in NoCal?
Also, have the MF and residuals changed from last month?


Does anybody know lease bonus cash offered for November on 2016 Hyundai Sonata and 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid base trims?

I see that there is 4,000 retail bonus cash available, but that’s not specific to leases. I’ve tried to scour the internet for info on lease bonus cash, but it looks like only some manufacturers list them in the offer details. How do you find that info for Hyundai or Kia, for example?

Hyundai does list available lease cash in the offer details. All they have right now is valued owner or competitive owner ($750 for Sonata/$1000 for Sonata Hybrid).

Kia lists it in their payment calculator.

Ahhh that’s really helpful, thanks for the info, I didn’t know the payment calculator would show that info.

Yeah, Kia’s payment calculator is by far one of the best:

Volvo’s is the same.

looks like the 24 months lease bonus cash incentive is higher than the 36 months incentive.

So this is implying 9000 in lease bonus cash for a Optima Hybrid EX?

It’s stating it as fact. You’d have to find a 2016 model still left in inventory to take advantage of it though…

I just chose that one as an example because I knew they have been offering lease cash on it.