Hyundai Sante Fe Limited +


Hello Lease Hackrs:

Looking for a smoking Hyundai Sante Limited or higher model for lease. I live in Las Vegas but am willing to travel to Southern Cali. I know the 2018 are coming out soon, so this time of year is getting close to be the best time to buy?

Anyone done any good lease deals?

Thanks in Advance


Well aren’t you lucky I just took delivery of my Santa Fe and did all the research for all trims? The residuals and MF are copied from another forum.

You’re probably not looking for a SE, but here is my deal.

You need to check Autobytel for your regional incentives. Even in Socal, our lease cash varied by region., but if you’re going to shop in Socal, here are the relevant numbers. Up to you to reach out to get the prices on the cars, everything else is simple math.

No 10K/yr allowance for 24 month leases
Add 1% to 12K/yr residual for 10K/yr.

LTD FWD: .00018 MF and 63% residual
LTD ULT FWD: .00008 MF and 61% residual
$3500 lease cash

Limited FWD - .00069 and 56%
Limited Ult FWD - .00079 and 54%
$3000 lease cash

SE FWD - .00008 and 64%
SE ULT FWD - .00011 and 61%
$3500 lease cash

SE FWD - .00042 and 57%
SE ULT FWD - .00047 and 54%
$3000 lease cash

Good luck.


awesome, thank you so much for this!


No problem. Don’t forget to use your Uber, BoostUp, etc to make it better.

Was looking at the purchase incentives and that’s only $2000-2500 depending on the trim. Oddly enough, leasing, then purchasing is cheaper than buying outright at the beginning this time around since the MF (at least for my SE) makes it essentially interest free.


Hi, Im a Manager at Sage Hyundai over here on Beverly and Vermont in Los Angeles, if anyone looking for a deal like this let me know

one question tho Mr. Aigo… what is this 500Dealer discretion coupon?


Which manager are you from Sage? Because someone called me after my initial inquiry, took what I was looking for, and NEVER called back. Ironically, we test drove the Santa Fe at your dealership last weekend and absolutely nothing happened, you guys were MILES away from this deal. Buyer beware.


the Internet manager, did we work any numbers? who was the sales man… I went ahead and worked on a ultimate package, we are sold out of the entry level S.E

theres $3000 rebates if you do 12k miles and 36month term
Vehicle MSRP is 41,060 , my invoice is $38,828 and im using Hyundai’s Cirlce A Family plan thats an extra $1454.95 on top of that $3000 rebates

thats $4454 Rebates selling it to you for $34,374

mf = 0.00079
RV = .54

if you are military , uber, college, you get extra incentives

im sure for a fact you didnt work with me, Im like their fleet manager here

sorry you had to go through a bad experience here



You come here asking for help, but then offer a $41k Santa Fe for $477/month to LHers? :thinking: I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for others to help you from now on.


As I said, MILES away, even with what you posted.


Looks like he’s busy searching for an E300 loaner/demo deal, from the open windows in his screenshot :slightly_smiling_face:


this is what hyundai offers what more can u want, if it was a old stock i would go 2grand under invoice


Im just being honest, just showing you what they have to offer, its a ugly lease it is better to buy or do 24 month lease


A car sitting for nearly 5 months (129 days) isn’t old stock?


Zing!! (20 char…)


Im having a hard time leasing a Santa Fe SEL plus, the numbers they are quoting me are nuts. I’m looking at 350 per month 0 down except 1 payment and DMV…Im getting numbers like 430 to 479 per month. These dealers in Long Island are nuts.