Hyundai pricing

HI hackers I saw this on dealers site can I use the conditional pricing to compute for my lease or this is only for vehicle prchase? Thanks

Purchase only, and you likely won’t qualify for a lot of those discounts.

You should try to negotiate 10-12% discount off MSRP before any rebates. Lease cash is anywhere from $2250 to $3500 depending on location and lease term - visit Hyundai website’s payment calculator to see what it is for your zip. Also do Uber $1000 rebate if you can.

Read other Santa Fe posts for more info and details.

BTW, Santa Fe Limited Ultimate trim will lease the worst. SE and Limited are best

Thank you so much for the info I was just amazed with the discount they showed.

Would these numbers, i.e. 10-12% off MSRP and $2500-$3500 lease cash work for a 2017 Tucson Sport or just the Santa Fe model?