Hyundai Palisade or Jeep GCL. Anyone help with a new finance on this website?

Hello I am in Nj and looking to purchase a new suv
Looking at either a Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy
Or a Jeep Grand Cherokee L summit.
Is there anyone on here that helps with financing or is it just leasing, then I can do a lease to buy. Thank you very much for the help in advance.

My suggestion is to find some brokers in your area that handle the cars you are interested in. I don’t see why a broker can’t help with a financing deal instead of leasing. As far a lease to buy, they can help you with the first part. After the lease is over, you are on your own for finding financing.

You can order a Telluride at MSRP and finance it. It’s a platform twin of the Palisade.

Thanks. My wife likes the palisade better, I like the Kia but we all know to make the wife happy. I will try and get her to a Kia dealer to see if she will like it.

Thank you. That’s what I was thinking but just wanted to ask and see if there was someone who knew better.

A broker can do either. We have Andy that does Hyundai’s. A bunch that do CJDR. I think the GCL will be cheaper.

Can I please get Andy’s info. Thanks
You think a Jeep will be cheaper to finance?

He’s on this forum. If you search Andy or Hyundai in northeast marketplace, he will come up.

As per the Jeep, definitely cheaper to lease and you can probably order one for roughly 8 or 9% off compared to paying sticker for the Hyundai.

Ok thanks. I’ll look him up and go from there. I prefer just to finance but can do a lease to finance if that works out better.

When you look at the actual dollar numbers, I bet a Palisade at sticker is cheaper to finance than an equivalent GCL at 8-9% off.

I agree especially because my wife wants the summit trim on the Jeep

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