Hyundai lease good deal? Bay Area

Location: Bay Area (CA) offer below Hyundai Ionqi 2020
$4,999 (DAS) + $13,000 Lease Bonus Cash* + $1,500 CCFR for a total of $19,499 due at signing. $0 security deposit; plus tax and license.
Per the calc:
MSRP: 39,910
Selling: 37,909
Mth: 36
Requested: 12,000
Residual 60 (23,946)
Total Lease cost ,023
Lease score 32.4

AM I missing something? I feel like might be too good of a deal or is it not a deal. This is not a car I would want after the lease. Any feed back would be great.

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I don’t even know what the deal you’ve written is. Is this a $4999 one pay?

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Yes, $4,999 DAS, and they offer cash incentive.

so nothing monthly, just the 4,999 and that’s it? comes out to 138 a month so that’s not bad.

What do you mean?

What trim level is this?
If you are referring to the ad by Capitol Hyundai in San Jose, they want $59+tax ~$65/month in addition.

this is the Hyundai Limited

Yes, this is the one I am referring to. Don’t know if it is a good deal or not.

This is what is missing. Taxes on this are going to be at least another $1500

Call them and ask. If looks to be $4999+$591.092536 (SJ tax) + $800 (reg+fees, est) = ~$8120 or $225/month. The Bolt one pay deals were better, may be not now since the Costco deal ended.

The tax is applied to the $19k, not the $5k

Yeah…forgot that PRC* taxes manufacturers’ discounts.
(*People’s Republic of California)

Hell, I’m surprised they don’t try to also charge income taxes on them.

@thinkingoutloud found anything better than this? I’m wondering price difference with lower trim.

And a recycling fee.

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