Hyundai kona 2018 lease question

Hi All,

I reviewed some topics on the subject but I still do not feel confident enough and I think dealers are trying to take advantage of me.

I recently moved to the US (Dallas, Texas) from another country so I am new to the “lease game”.

I am interested in the Hyundai Kona and got an offer as follow:

2018 Kona ultimate AWD
MSRP: 28540
Sale price 22940 (demo car with 2966 miles on it)
36 months
12k miles per year
Residual: 14756

they want $2000 cash down and then $345 a month.

this seems high to me. checking with the calculator in this site the payment should be around $275 with $2000 down.

am I’m right?

i tried to ge them down but they were very firm.
any suggestions will be appreciated.

Terrible deal. I would definitely reach out to more dealers and see. I get it’s a new model and maybe doesn’t have many incentives but food for thought…

$21,000 loan @ 4% would only be $387 per month and you’d own it after 5 years.

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I’m speaking with a hyundai dealer right now and they gave me the numbers that I ran through the lease calculator and they’re asking $380 with zero down for a 23k 2018 sonata sel.

That’s crazy, I leased a KIA Optima EX (MSRP $28K) for $280 w/ $0 DAS just a few months ago.

I managed to get another dealer down to $310 monthly but they want TTL to be paid upfront by me which is aprox $2500

I read many form threads in this forum and other on people stating getting much better deals and I’m not sure why I am not being able to get such deals as well.

Tried few dealers and managed to get them down but only until a certain point.
If they refuse the deal I assume they really cannot cut the price any further.

The KONA doesn’t lease well right now. (In Missouri). Neither does the 2019 Elantra.