Hyundai Gensis 2016

Hey Guys,

This is my first post so please be friendly :).

This is what my dealer quoted
Market Value Selling Price $42,450
Discount 3,326
Rebate $4,500
Adjust Price $34,624
Total Purchase $34,624

Trade Difference $34624
Doc Fee $589
Tax $1443.73
Non Tax Fees $139
Net Price $36795.73

36 months 10k/year 0 down is 414/month
36 months 10k/year 2,000 down is 355/month

I don’t understand how he got 414/month, I get closer to 399/month. This doesn’t seem like a great deal. What am I doing wrong? I know he quote me a MF of .00075 which is high vs the .00035 but is there anything else I can negotiate. Is the sales price to high?

what state are you in since they are asking you to pay for taxes upfront…

i am going to share with you a quote that I was given. keep in mind that extra rebate is from “Dealer rebates or coupon” that a dealership can used at their own discretion. Also, you may want to ask for the hyundai MF unless you dont qualify for some reason. Lastly, some of the dealer I spoke with said that they couldnt match the 5 coupons the dealer used, but they were willing take another 1k off the MSRP and add 2 dealer coupons to be as close as possible to the deal.

I’m in VA. Looks like you have a pretty good deal on your hands. I guess I am confused by all the numbers. I should be able to negotiate the MF and try to get the Hyundai MF. I am going to first try to get the sales price down and rebates and then bring up the MF. So to be clear my adjusted cap cost is 36,795.73 right? I am really confused on how they got to $414 a month and can’t reproduce it on my end.