Hyundai Elantra Value edition Lease $137.42

Hey all been going back and forth with a dealership for a Elantra Value edition 10k/36 Month lease. Here is the breakdown:

MSRP: $21,390
Discount: 2,180
Incentive: $3,500 (Hyundai, and Uber)
Acquisition Fee $595
Adj.Cap $16,625.84
MF .00114 (Can I do better)?
residual: 60%
Due at Signing: $935
Monthly payment (including 7% tax) $137.42

Couple of questions: Hyundai has a $500 down, we will match it incentive. Can I stack that with this? Can I do better?

The $500 BoostUp incentive requires you to be a member for 30+ days. But yes you can. Looks like a pretty great deal tho.

I would agree. I’m at $115 with an MF of .00095 on my Hyundai Elantra Value lease so pretty good deal IMHO. Only thing that hurt me in VA were the high fees of all the dealers making drive off double what you mentioned.

dang thats good. I wish I could of got the 500 down $500 match incentive. Can you share your deal ?

Phylum - Would you be willing to share the dealer information with me and additional details on your lease structure. I’m located in Vienna, VA.

Here you go.

It was very easy to setup:

Be aware that you can withdraw the money back into your checking account, but it can take up to two weeks according to the site.

He did on the forums already. Just search Elantra Value Edition thread…

Great deal and should put to rest anybody’s questions about “Leasing basic transportation as cheaply as possible”…

Everyone here wants luxury transportation as cheaply as possible, c’mon. Like E300 for $260/mo

How easily is this repeated? I can’t get any Chicago area dealerships within $500 of this starting price ($19,210)

Shouldn’t be too hard…

I haven’t done a value edition but am working on a

Are residuals similar on the Limited?

A $960 dealer discount is very different to the $2,180 dealer discount PJ587 received.

Totally - we’re also on less car.

I’m just saying that the Elantra price is pretty low, to begin with.

If you can dip another $1,000 into an SE - you can probably match his price w/ less out of pocket.

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Perhaps I am missing something, but a $960 dealer discount on a $19,110 MSRP is not a deal. Most dealers seem willing to take 5% off MSRP by just asking for their e-price.

I didn’t say it was a deal - I posted it for comparison.

This person hasn’t signed and I agree, there is more room in there.

I’m saying, if you can find a Hyundai dealer to go 2k back on an SE, you could match the value payment posted w/ less out of pocket.


My cousin was offered something similar. Value edition has 7-9% MSRP off for enough dealers. Remember he is using uber

Sorry I didn’t see the alerts!
Yes I’ll DM/PM you this evening.

Yup documented it here:

Happy to share more details via DM/PM.