Hyundai dealer selling Veloster N for $65K

Posting this just for giggles.

I know there’s chip shortage, etc…etc…, but selling a $34K car for $65K?!

At least they did something to it and it isn’t just $31k in ADM. No different than the dealers that charge huge mark ups for lifted trucks, etc.

Have to look it up again, but I read that ADM is not just dealer adding markup on price, but also by including additional 3rd party options that is also marked up in price.

I’m not suggesting that it’s a good value, but they’re showing $8k in dealer mark up and the rest in overpriced performance mods. At least there is something to be shown for the extra money, no matter how you define ADM.

Unless the buyer wants the car EXACTLY how it is modified, those modifications add no value. If I have a 20k civic and spend another 20k on bright pink 24" spinners and a hello kitty spoiler, it does not make the civic worth 40k (46k with ADM). At the point you’re asking 65k for a Veloster, regardless how it is equipped, you might as rent out space for food trucks on your empty lot.

Regardless of markup or not, it (will) only takes one to make that sale…

Wow the balls on that dealer. After charging $17k for things like TINT (And some pipes), they put a 8k Market Adjustment, $2k for a GPS, $1.2k for Armor all, and $1k for Window Etching ,and $180 for Nitrogen.

OMG they have ballz.

PS : Just came back from Costco after filling my car with Free Nitrogen. No waiting.
Double PS : OMG That’s the dealer that I got the $108/month Niro EV LImited from!
And also, wonder how that car will pass SMOG in California in 6 years. All those mods will fail it.

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oh they did SOMETHING to it, considering they couldn’t even spell Eibach properly on the sticker.

can we discuss this more please? :slight_smile:


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I never said it’s a good value, just that it’s at least something tangible.

I think we are entering a tipping point. Everything is just completely out of whack, Everything from cars to houses to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, sports memorabilia, prices of food and all goods and services we are in a phase where it’s just not going to be sustainable. We are going to see a massive correction that will take everyone by surprise, however there shouldn’t be an ounce of a surprise, as every bit of a hint is right here right now in front of us for all to witness.

Surprises me the most

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You think jalopnik searching thru LH to get ideas?