Hyundai Cancels Palisade Lease & APR Deals

I was offered $47K for my Palisade I just got a few months ago by Carvana, Payoff is $43. I figured I would flip it again and lease another one like I did a few months ago. Well I reached out to my salesperson and Hyundai has removed all incentives and jacked up the MF to 0.00320, nearly triple what I paid a few months ago. They do NOT want you leasing these anymore. Check out the attached screenshot from the dealer.

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Ouch, that is painful. To think, there was a time when Hyundai was offering lease bonus incentives on this too.


A small percentage of my partner dealers are doing Palisade lease deals thru alternate banks, albeit at a ~$5k dealer markup over MSRP. Hyundai may further disincentive the use of non-captive lenders soon, though.

I haven’t run the math on how the savings work out but, Palisades are holding value nicely and lenders are noticing.

We just need more Palisades produced; there was an inventory crunch on this model before the chip shortage. Once people can actually afford to lease it, there’s no reason this model earn the ubiquity of the Honda Pilot.