Hyundai BoostUp account

Does anyone have a BoostUp account I can use for leasing a Hyundai? I don’t think I can wait 30 days :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one but You cannot change the account holder name. I might use it as well if Hyundai make a good lease next month.

You just have to contact them. Plus you could open another one, by the time the deal comes up, it would be 30 days. I could buy it from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I will give it to you tomorrow

Question for anyone that’s familiar with BoostUp…

I had an agreement in email to pay taxes/fees/first mo @ signing (total of $1500 “Due At Signing”), with the assumption (I guess that’s where I went wrong) that $500 of that would come from my BoostUp account, and the balance of $1000 charged to my credit card.

Hyundai dealer insisted that the $500 of my own funds in BoostUp were something separate, and treated BoostUp as a $1000 incentive “internally” even though I “paid” half of it). My credit card was then run for $1500.

I challenged, but it was late, plates were already transferred from my trade, etc., so I reluctantly paid it and left. Later on, via email, sales managers stood their ground that BoostUp is a $1000 “incentive,” with half of it coming out of my pocket. Just want to know if I misunderstood something about this incentive program, or if this was shady.

I can speak from my experience, the dealers will try to list the 1k as an incentive and in my state make it taxable, I have always argued successfully that yes 500 is an incentive but 500 is my money. I have used boost three times with three dealers and all of them tried but failed in the end.

Thank you, Mike. You are a better Hackr than me!

Interesting - I didn’t even think to look out for this. How does this affect you adversely, I am not getting it? Everything is taxed anyway, right?

@sepidpooy Hey man do you think I can borrow your boostup account, need to get the lease within this year to get year end pricing. will appreciate your help

@rieuk Hey man do you think I can borrow your boostup account, need to get the lease within this year to get year end pricing.

I have already give my account to someone elae

Hey there - actually I had also given it to someone else as he was looking for a lease. Not sure if he ended up using it, though I will find out…

@rieuk Appreciate your reply, I still have 7 days in year. If you can get me the account my deal can through. It will really mean alot.

Is there a delay between signing up and when you can use it?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have a boost account that I can use for a Hyundai Elantra purchase, I have opened the account today but unfortunately the account has to be active for 30 days for me to use it.

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