Hummer EV or Rivian Lease?

Has anyone leased the Hummer EV or Rivian yet? Are there lease programs available? Potential balloon loan candidate due to seemingly high MMR?

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They’ve delivered <100 Hummer EVs in 2023. The odds of one of those people being on LH is quote low.

Rivian doesn’t do leases currently and AFG won’t be including it in their balloon program anytime soon (I asked).

Hummer is supported by AFG…residual looks good (if I calc’d it correctly) at ~74% on a 36 month. Could be interesting. I assume dealers, if they even have one, will mark up the SUV version of the Hummer which could make it ugly.

If you’re in Cali I have one hummer ev left. Pickup in ice blue. Msrp+5k.

by any chance if you have a Hummer EV suv available?

No sorry not at this pricing. I can get them but all marked up

roughly how much mark up?

Prob 10-20

There’s still plenty of dumb money out there for that deal

They’re def coming down. I think the truck is way more desirable honestly.

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I’m looking for a 3x SUV in MD.

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