Humble Request: AWD Mid Size SUV Deal

Hi - I have been lurking here a few weeks and hoping to take advantage of end of month/quarter if possible. I live in Seattle, and I just moved back to the US, so don’t currently have a car (so disqualifies me for a lot of the incentives). However, my roommate at my legal address has a new Mazda, if that at all helps.

I reached out to what seems to be about 20 dealers on an Equinox, but nothing seems that attractive (I’ll post some offers I get here after I input them all into my spreadsheet).

I have $$, but am more of a deal guy so open to anything. Open to Hyundai, would love a Wrangler Unlimited for fun, and talking to an Volvo dealer on an XC60 with the Costco deal.

Looking for a 24 or 36m, and ideally 12k but willing to take 10k.

Any brands/models I might be missing?
Should I really target one model, or is it best to stay open to whatever might present the best deal?
Am I better to not be rushed for month-end and wait?

I’ll keep you posted on how I do. Thanks in advance.

Welcome bacck to the states! Best bet is to pick a few cars, narrow it down, and pick the best ones you like and be specific. Make, model, trim etc. Next contact a couple dealers and let us know what you are getting. There are some dealers registered on this site so check them out as well. Most people will tell you the same thing. People here are very willing to help but won’t grind the deal for you.

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Thanks - More than willing to grind and familiar with Edmonds, the lease calc, and spreadsheets so happy to do the work.

How much weight do you put into the end-of-month deal hunt?

Where are you located?

If you are more of a deal and spreadsheet kind of a guy, i’d suspect you research a lot before making a move. So been forced into time limit does not seem like your best option. You may want to wait till the end of the year. If you must have something to drive till then you can get a beater and then sell it or keep as a second car.
Buick Enclave recently had very good deals (now gone), but may have them again towards the end of the year.
If you feel that contacting all the dealers and messing with lots of quotes is not worth it, you may want to contact one of the “local” to this site brokers, they will not only find you a good deal but also try to set you straight as far as the make and model :slight_smile:

Also, let us know how much you are willing to put in MSD (Should that be required) and what type of monthly you are looking for

I have an excellant credit score, could put down 10+ MSD. I think the problem with where I am at is that I am looking for a deal - comfortable with a monthly of 400, but could go to 500 and would love 250. Just really looking to get to that 1% Benchmark that is held so dearly around here.

I anticipate driving about 12k miles per year.


Seattle = Subaru. @Ursus is the resident Subaru expert.

Not the best comfort in the Forester if XC60 is in play.

I am in Seattle too and looking for a similar deal. Dealers in the northwest don’t seem to discount much though.

Look into the Nisan Rogue, infiniti and volvo deals posted on here. I just leased an equinox but you miss out on 1500 if you don’t have competitive/loyalty. i know there are GM card bonuses if you open a credit card with them that are like an additional $750 off but you have to want a GM car.


Ended up with a cash purchase of the following. I had them run the lease numbers but incentives changed and they were horrible.

2017 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4WD
MSRP: $29,635
Negotiation: -6,000
Rebates: -6,000
Title/Licence: 824
Sales Tax: 2430
5 Year Maintenance: 1,320

So basically 40% off MSRP before taxes, ect. Pretty good deal in my book.

Financed through PenFed - 48m at 2.24%

Out the Door: 22,317

Got a great deal, will give me the flexibility to hold onto the SUV as long as I want. I will try another lease next time, but from what I was reading and seeing WA dealers are just too tight.

Thanks for all the help.

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@michaelsmitty Can you you please elaborate on Rebates and eligibility. My co worker is looking for a new jeep AWD.