Huge savings on Alfa Romeo Giulia & Stelvio! May Deals

Hi Everyone! Right now we have been selling Alfa’s left and right due to the new program. I have sold several at or below 1% of MSRP. Having an affiliate, loyalty, and returning FCA lessee def helps make the numbers even more appealing, but even without qualifying for anything they’re still super competitive. MY email is or you can text/call me on my cell @ 814-504-0544. My promise stays the same. I will give my best numbers upfront, I will do it in a timely fashion, and most importantly, I won’t BS anyone. I have a fantastic reputation because of these simple rules I follow… I understand how important EVERYONE’S time is, and I am not here to waste it… I truly believe now is the time to save/make a move. In the past people have always waited for Alfa to change their tune, but June is a GIANT question mark as the programs could change for the worse, so let’s strike while the iron is hot…

Please be sure to answer below as accurate as possible, so I can properly quote you in a timely fashion…


• Full name and address with zip-code
• Who is your Employer? Spouses employer? I will personally check to see if your employer qualifies for Affiliate rewards. This is a chance for you to save more money.
• Can you tell me your color preferences and equipment preferences for your new car? You can also go to our website and select a Stock number that works best for you? (Most popular option)
• How many miles a year do you need?
• Do you currently have any leased, or owned FCA vehicles in your household? (Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, or Fiat?)

Link to my website-

It’s very important that I get all of these questions answered to provide Quick and Accurate quotes.

Thanks again for the opportunity


:clap::clap::clap: Representing Erie PA for the big world! Good luck this month :smiley:

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Are the new incentives significantly better than April…? Seemed like there weren’t any deals last month, so wanted to see if there’s been much movement.

I might be back in touch via text

any nums for the gulia on 24 months / 24k miles?

They look good if you have FCA loyalty, returning lessee, or both.

Can you email me with answers to the provided questions, along with a stock#? I will be sure to get back to you in the order received.

Thank you

emailed you yesterday - be great if you can get back to me today. cheers!

I’ve had better luck texting him.

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If you could email the answers to all the questions listed above, I would love to quote you. Here is a link to my website.

Took delivery of my 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti AWD today. Justin and Co were tremendous to work with. Everything was handled for me. It was a painless experience from quote to shipping to delivery.

I highly recommend him.


Is it true that there is no longer lease support for 2018 models?

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I am interested in getting a AR, PM me what you have now.


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That is correct. No more lease support on 2018s…

Fwiw im one year into my stelvio ti sport with 20 inch rims…one thousand drive off and 480 a month for 36 months…this is a very fun, passionate and sporty cuv. My daily is a corvette z51 m6 and the alfa is the family transport. One year in…the car is perfect and was a great choice. I highly recommend the alfa stelvio ti sport on 20s and sport seats…wife loves her 60th birthday and 25 th anniversary gift…even more now than ever and its been a full year of ownership…big win!



Can you please share the MSRP and mileage usage of your lease (I assume 10k a year)? Also, what region are you in? I’m considering a 2019 Stelvio Ti; am in NJ. Thanks.

I too live in northern NJ. I personally found that Larchmont Alfa was wonderful to work with. (Larchmont NY is about 20 minutes from the tappan zee bridge . Msrp was 48 grand.

I was in and out in 15 minutes. I leased a 2018 bright red stelvio ti sport with the 20 inch rims. I get a ton of compliments as does my wife.

The vehicle is a hoot to drive. It’s very peppy and fun.

I gave $1000 drove off. (Tax tags everything included) and 480 a month for 36 months. 10k a year which is more than enough for our needs.

The lease was I believe through Ally.

Any other questions just shoot me your phone number and a time you would like to speak.

Best wishes


Would you be able to share the name of the sales person you worked with? May thanks

Eric. Was the salesman.

A gentleman and a pleasure to deal with.

The only downside is the second and third service in the second and third year…is kind of annoying.

I didnt get there yet but changing the brake fluid in 2 years irregardless of mileage is nonsense in my opinion.

30k miles calls for a timing belt which also is pricey…

Quite honestly alfa needs to readdress the service schedule …i really dont want to flush the brake fluid at 24 months…and the every 30k mikes for the timing belt is a throwback to another era…

Really alfa needs to put a longer term timing belt on their engines…should be more like 60k or 100k for the timing belt replacement…same for the brake fluid flush…

I find it a little annoying for a lease under warranty…the vehicle shoukd be oil change and gas only…imo

Thanks much