Does anybody have experience with this company? Is it a legit service? Thanks in advance.

No experience but they do post here.

@Anthony_Lopez from DSR posts regularly in here, you can see his comments by viewing his profile.

I can vouch for him. Although I did not end up purchasing a car through him he was very helpful, honest and straightforward to deal with. Don’t be put off by his fees, brokers have to make their money some how and they do this by either taking part of the dealers profit which means higher monthly payments for you or taking a fee for their service and getting you a lower payment.

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Hi Guys, Thanks for the shout outs.

We certainly work hard for our customers, if you see our yelp, we work hard for those 5 little stars,

We’ve been growing and training our sales team to better assist everyone.

Feel free to call our offices at 949-485-3002.

Anyone of our lease coordinators can help. Thanks again! -Anthony

I reached out to Anthony when it was time to lease a car this summer and got no reply. I guess he only wants socal customers!

@dave_m Yes I appreciate that you’re in Orange County and that makes for an easy transaction for both of us, but you never responded to my lease quote.

Sorry for assuming you had a better offer elsewhere and not having persisted. We try not to be pushy.

Thanks, -Anthony

No, I’m on the East Coast…maybe next lease!

Sorry must have had you confused with a different David J Mason. My mistake. Happy Motoring!