How's this deal on a Range Rover Evoque?

I don’t see much around here on Land Rover leases, but this seems to meet the 1% rule and looks like a pretty good deal.

MSRP: $50k
Sales Price: $42.5k
15% off MSRP
Cap cost reduction: $0
Acquisition Fee: $795
Miles/yr: 7.5k
Residual: 62%
Months: 33
MF: 0.00001
Document Fee: 80
License/Registration Fee: 400
Sales Tax: 8%
Monthly Payment (w/tax) $400 (around)
Drive Off: $900

This is just a rough quote, appearently it’s a demo but it doesn’t have any miles, I have only negotiated the selling price so far, so I dunno if they will try any MF markup or something. What do you guys think?

That looks like an excellent deal. Where are you based, is this a '17 model?

It’s a 16 model. Southern California.

7.5k miles per year ?

If it’s a demo get 20% off msrp. I’m guessing if it’s non demo you can get 10-15% on a normal day.

Still a great deal- I’d hop on that which dealership is this from?

I do not know how land rover works in terms of norms for discount on new vs demos but I haven’t seen 15% off anything and haven’t seen anything neeting the 1% rule as they are notoriously rough to lease

Which Range Rover Evoque model is this? I see .00001 MF on 2016 models, but 36-month residual percentages in the 50s.

SE Premium, edmunds has it at what I posted.

It’s last years model. It’s going to lose money on top of their regular discount hence how I came up with 15% on a new one.

Whoops, for some reason I had a 66% res, the correct red should be 62% I believe.

Edit: I had the payment originally at $400 and then I did the math again with the former wrong numbers above and corrected it to $340, should of checked again. Put it back to $400 Still a pretty good deal for a LR I think.

Hello sir, I would be interested in a very similar situation. Are you ok with sharing the dealer information with me?

Thank you!

Hello, it’s a great deal would you please send me the name of the dealership?

Pretty sure this deal will be hard to match 1 year later lol