Hows this deal on a 2020 BMW M4 Coupe ($894/month 10k/36)

So as my 2018 M4 competition lease is coming to an end, I’ve been eyeballing some new cars. BMW just sent this to me, and I was wondering how alluring of an offer it is. I’m pretty interested in moving on to a Porsche 911/AMG at this point (I’ve owned too many BMWs) but is this an offer worth putting serious consideration into?

It is really bad, have a quick look around and you will see that people are getting $110k M4CS’s for less than that. (Appreciate that they are a different beast, but it represents much better value)

Thanks- I’ve noticed that I’ve been seeing some really nice deals on CS models floating around, I’ll try to see if my dealership is willing to work it down (maybe even a CS)

This isn’t from BMW but the dealer to make it look more legit as there is no pull ahead

Just ride it out the 5 month instead of having them roll the payments into the new lease and after giving you a terrible discount.

Maybe hold up a little bit longer for the new BMW M4 2021 redesign? Although I feel like they’re going to have markup on that, so your call.

Wow. This is hilariously bad.

I haven’t seen an offer this bad since the last time I pressed on Classic BMW for a deal.

Ya the new M3/M4 coming will have dealers pushing to sell at msrp if not a small bump higher for the first month or 2. You’ll want to wait on them a little for dealers to settle on pricing.

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You should get four of them.