How's my 2020 Wrangler Unlimited Lease? MSRP $40,795, sell $37,999, Florida


Why don’t my numbers work out on the total lease coast and monthly w/tax?

The Leasehackr calculator says “total lease cost” is $14,599 vs dealer quote “total payments” $14544. Leasehackr states pre-tax payment $402, $429 with tax, dealer says it’s $404 tax included. 36 month lease, 10k miles, 2k down, includes first payment, so 35 payments.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4 Door, MSRP $40,795, sell $37,999. Deal is in the works. Can LeaseNinjas help with this, or am I doing ok? Buy out $28,964.

Leasehackr Calculator:
Sell Price 37999
Residual 71% $28,964
Money Factor 0.00188
Acquisition Fee: 595
Govt Fees (Tax/Tag) 295
Post-Sale Rebates 500
Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $402
*Monthly Payment with Tax: $429 (dealer says its 404 w/tax)
Drive-Off: $0
Disposition Fee: $395
Post-Sale Rebate: $500
*Total Lease Cost: $14,599 (dealer says $14544)
Leasehackr Score: 8.9 years

I get $404 w/tax if you pay first month and gov fees up front. Might want to male sure dealer is quoting true $0 DAS. They may be thinking $0 down payment.

Are you sure your dealer fee is $0?

So uncheck $0 DAS and add $404 and $295 to my $2K down?

Actually this is before they discount the jeep another $599 (if I come in today). So should I put $599 in dealer fee to get $404/month?

Your dealer fee is not taxed but the car price is. So fix them accordingly. Also your $500 incentive should be taxed. You put it as untaxed.

Thanks, I don’t get what you mean to fix the tax on the car price. Do I calculate 6.5% tax on selling price of $37,999 and plug that in somewhere? Or do I check the bottom box, " Tax is levied upfront on the sales price" instead of the box I checked " Tax is levied on the monthly lease payment (most states)."

What I mean is you should put the correct selling price. If it’s 37,999 put 37,999. If it’s 37,999 minus 599 put that. Put the correct dealer fee in the dealer fee section.

Ok, thanks a lot. I put the sell price at $37,400 to reflect discount as suggested, and put $599 dealer fee, I end up with $429 With Tax, $14,609 total lease cost ($0 DAS/Drive Off.).

When I try to put $404 +294 (699) into the down payment I’m at $341/mo and $14,390, which is obviously too low. Then I tried $2K down plus $699, and I’m at $300/month with tax and $14,246, which would be awesome, but not the numbers the dealer worked out.

You aren’t putting $2k down, right? So, as you see in the calculator I posted, I zeroed out the DP and just left gov fee and first month at signing.

Thanks @ Qbrozen, and @ Batistuta I didn’t realize the link Qbrozen posted an hour ago was recalculated. Appreciated, now I see what you did.

So how’s my deal? I thought I posted it elsewhere, but I’m new at this forum thingy. I missed the employee pricing, but any thoughts?

I’m guessing they think 0 down instead of 0 due at sign. They will ask you to pay the dealer fee tag and registration at sign. (Like Qbrozen mentioned) That’s the difference between the monthly payment.

I’m not familiar with Wrangler leases but you can search the forum and see what others are posting. Also check broker posts to have an idea if your deal is good. Good luck.

Also check vs rodo. It has been hit or miss so far but sometimes it seems to be close to what brokers are advertising.

Searched the forum for rodo, had to google it, never heard of it. Downloaded app, asked to do a soft credit inquiry before I even get on the app. A bit much…