How'd I do on q50 3.0 premium plus?

Got a quote for 1k drive off and and 335/ mo for 2016 q50 with premium plus. The 335 includes all taxes. Sticker price is 43k-ish

Don’t have figures but I think this is solid, right?

What are your thoughts? Btw we are getting two. Idk if this helps.

Let me know if there’s room or whether this is as good as t gets.

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39 mos
Sorry forgot these details haha

Off the bat , sounds good

The 1k down goes towards 1st payment and fees, I assume ? No cap cost reduction right ?

Yup. 1k drive off. No cap red. No deposit. No “down”

Plug in the numbers you got into the calculator here - then check the final payment and down.

Than you will know for sure how close you got

Seems good. Better than this advertised offer

Are you in california?
Check out iag leasing’s instagram page. They always have the Q50 on special.
Last month it was $269 + $2k drive off everything included for 39/10k.
That’s about $320 all in vs your $360 for 12k.
And considering you got 2, I’d try to knock that $1k drive off off.

EDIT: That’s not the Plus

Hmmm. I’ll reach out to them and see what they have to offer. Thanks for the suggestion.

For 12/y sounds like a good deal, but I would try to get rid of that 1k just to make your lease really good.

It’s probably because I’m a noob. But how do I “get rid of it?” Are you suggesting rolling it into the monthly? Or negotiating it down? The prior sounds possible. Idk about the second part.

Please send negotiation tips to do the latter.


Just tell them the numbers look good but you aren’t putting any money down.

This is what I got on the Q50 3.0 as far as a deal this deal is from Chicago IL and this is the premium package no heated seats etc.

$346.96/mo. @ 39 months.
No down payment
First payment plus fees due at signing ($737.23)

…in Chicago? I hope you have a garage :slight_smile:

Ha I do but I want the heated seats, steering wheel never thought I would need that to be heated but the seats made sense anyway I would have to jump to the permium plus model if I wanted that the 346.96 is only the premium model

Just tell them “I want the monthly payment without the 1k down payment, make that happen and I will sign right now”

Just got this today in LA on the Premium Plus with Drivers Assistance. That’s about a $34K selling price on a $46K car.

Which dealership is that from?

Orange Coast Infiniti

Please tell me what dealership is doing this because I want to pull the trigger and I got payment confirmation on the Q50 3.0T premirum plus for 350 a month but I have to put down 1500

Good deal thanks for sharing