How was this deal on a Jaguar XE? Feeling like I overpaid

Feeling like I paid too much:

Jaguar XE '19 AWD 25T Premium with cold winter package + added factory painted rims
MSRP/Sticker price: 47,207
Selling price: 41,759
39 Months/10K
2275 due at signing including first month, 895 bank fee, inspection/registration. -1000 rebates, otherwise no cash down.
Total month 475/month with NYC taxes rolled in.

Feeling like I overpaid, but how badly?

Paging @Bostoncarconcierge. Cleanup on Aisle JLR.

In the meantime, if you’ve already signed don’t sweat it. Get educated and stop back next time!


Yeah I saw those posts … :confused:

Agreed! If you’ve already signed, be happy you found LH and make it back on the next one :slight_smile:

Just be prepared for some interesting feedback on this thread. And don’t sweat it.

Yeah I figured. I know there a better deals now that I’m looking around, but just wondering how badly I did.

Another dealer I had worked with in the past wouldn’t come down from mid-5s on a 2018 XE so thought I was getting a good deal with this one when I went in.

I wouldn’t stress about it too much.

A good deal is all relative, right? If it was an XE you absolutely wanted to have, then you may have gotten a “good” deal in your area. If you only shopped XE’s and shopped at several dealers and you took the lowest deal, then in my opinion; you got the best deal you could have gotten all things considered.

Compared to other cars in the segment, it may not be as good, but if you like the car just drive it and enjoy it!

why is this car not as good to others in the segment? i drove an XE and liked it, still deciding on that or the C300, going to come down to the deal i think. But just wondering what the cons are?

A good deal is all relative. While you may have gotten a little better of a deal, your deal is NOT outrageous like some. You got a fair deal, enjoy your car and don’t stress about a few bucks left on the table!

Never said the XE wasn’t as good as others in the segment, just that they lease differently due to a variety of factors such as money factor, residual values, and incentive support.

With that being said, there are many reasons people would choose its competition. When comparing them to the German sedans; the XE is behind them in terms of overall quality and practicality. The rear seat space is hampered just like it was on the Cadillac ATS, but the driving experience is definitely good. Jaguar infotainment and technologies are synonymous with having gremlins, being slow, and overall ineffective. There are a lot of complaints about the fact there are so many different electronic systems used on Jaguars. The electronic button/shifter is another story related to that…

The overall fit and finish is not quite on par with the Germans, either. I would say if you put an Audi A4, a Jaguar XE, and an Infiniti Q50 in a lot and told me I couldn’t take the A4, I would take the XE hands down.

That’s just my subjective opinion, however.

-The car suffers from poor interior space with poor sight lines for taller drivers and poor head/leg room in the back.
-While the interior is nice it is behind others in it’s class in refinement
-Jaguar’s infotainment tech is notoriously bad even after several iterations. They get better every year but still have room to go to catch up to Audi/Mercedes.
-The XE Base Engine is slower than the C300
-Jaguar is known for poor reliability.

Thanks guys, good info i wasnt aware of, the rear space looked tight and they said as much. i am leaning more towards the c300 as they are willing to play ball more, but it may come down to a 19 xe or an 18 c300

For what it’s worth , I’ve enjoyed it during the time I’ve had it. Agree the electronics are slow and my phone has been a pain to connect. Ride has been great, back seats are a bit cramped.

Quality probably is better in Audi/Mercedes, but didn’t look at those brands more so for personal reasons rather than anything quality related. Don’t regret the lease at all as long as I wasn’t fleeced terribly, which sounds like I maybe I wasn’t.

I considered the XE before settling on the 3 series. I drove a 35t and if it wasn’t for the dealer being extremely unreasonable, I might have signed on one. With that in mind, there were some serious marks against it, as far as I was concerned. The base infotainment system is a total joke. I know they redesigned it for 19 but 18 and prior is seriously poor. Also, as others have mentioned, the fit and finish of the interior isn’t on the same level as the German and even Japanese competition. Reliability is also questionable, although I doubt that will be a huge factor when leasing. I think a more fair comparison for the XE is the Giulia rather than the Germans.