How was my deal? Cadillac ATS

I had an Audi A4 with high miles and upcoming maintenance. I wasn’t comfortable driving such a high mile German car so decided to see what I could do.
I had about $6k negative going into the deal, which was the what most places where quoting for my trade or close to it(I had to negotiate the value of my trade).

I did put $2k down, but I had $8k negative with a Warranty refund of $2k so let’s just say it was $6k with $0 down.

Anyways, I came out with a service loaner ATS with 10k a year for 48 months. Maintenance was included and I had $6k in lease coverage protection. My payment is $558.

The car is about $37k MSRP. They gave me the car for $32k. they did make the residual very high at $20k but I was okay there since I plan on another lease.

So $6k negative for a $37k car at $558, does that sound like a good deal? I see it around $350/m for the car without the negative and I do like the car a lot.

if I had the warranty, I would’ve probably just kept the A4.

this is still $8k


Not sure I’m following your math. $6000 / 48 months is $125. Backing that out of the $558 leaves you at $433. I’m sure there was tax on that $125, etc. but I’m still not sure where you’re arriving at $350. Given what S60s, 330is, Q50s go for, it strikes me as a bit high for a discontinued car though it’s not one that normally leases well anyway due to its poor residual. At $2k down and $558/mo for 48 mo, you’re paying a total of over $28k, that strikes me as high even with the negative equity.

All that said, sounds like you really like the car, so ultimately, if you like the car and are fine about your payment on it, that’s good enough.

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It did have a warranty but it had 70k miles on it the maintenance was getting out of hand.

All of which are in a class above the current ATS…

No, it does not sound like a good deal.


This is a terrible deal. Was the maintenance more than the 8k on negative equity? That’s the only way in my mind that it made sense to take such a hit, specifically when you had a warranty.

Also, maintenance on an A4 with the that mileage isn’t exactly high compared to other cars in the segment.

What exactly did the A4 need that put you over to taking an 8k hit?

I’m looking at getting a 2020 BMW M340i with MSRP $60k+ at the same monthly amount…

If you had high miles on you A4, then why would you only get 10k miles a year for 48 months? Wouldnt you go for more mile or buy it out?

My assumption was that the OP has a pre-owned car (so it’s possible that there were already a lot of miles on the car before he took possession).

There are many things that don’t make much financial sense about the whole situation, IMHO (sorry, OP).

At $558/mo for the ATS, the OP will be paying in one year an amount that is nearly equal to the $8k negative equity (or, if we use his calculation of $6k “total” negative equity, he will have paid an amount that EXCEEDS that negative equity in one year). The only thing that the OP saves on is maintenance.

Routine maintenance on a “lower level” luxury German car (depending on what the warranty covers) is, what, $1k in a year’s time? And that’s only if you’re taking it to the dealer’s service station. Find a good independent and perhaps you’d be spending half of that?

Over 48 mo, the OP will be spending ~$27k. That’s a lot of money, and you have nothing to show for it at the end. Of course, you’d have nothing to show for it w/ any lease, but some people can afford to spend that money w/o issue. If the OP is worried about routine maintenance on a high-ish mileage German car, then one presumes that he likely cannot afford to spend such a sum easily.

I dunno, I would’ve gotten a much cheaper lease (maybe getting one of those Sonata deals from last month). Yeah, it’s not an A4, but would you rather get a cheaper car (that’s still perfectly pleasant to use) and be financially comfortable, or…? Or purchase a new Camry or Accord w/ an extended warranty (which I assume you could easily do for price) and drive it until the end of the extended warranty. You’re still likely to find lots of potential buyers for a used CamCord in respectable condition.

Different strokes for different folks.

It’s not a deal I would’ve taken. 70k miles isn’t terribly high for an A4, they’re decently reliable cars.

You would also have to pay me to get into an ATS, especially for 4 years. If you like the ATS, I would’ve just bought a used one for like 12-15k

I don’t understand why you’d ask after the fact… you did the deal. Enjoy!