How upfront tax in calculator be computed


Hey there, first time leaser here. I`ve managed to compute all the numbers by hand, and they match the leasehackr calculator. The only thing left is I did not figure out how the ‘upfront taxes’ in the drive-off fee section is computed. Could anyone let me know the formula?

Here is my My Calculator

How is the - Upfront Taxes: $786 computed?

(Incentives + doc fee) * tax rate. I’m not sure if the doc fee should be taxed though.

Thank you @Jon!

Another newbie/dumb question trying to understand the terms regarding incentives, the boss on Edmunds gives me the incentives:
$7250 lease cash
$1400 customer incentive
$2500 dealer cash

I understand these as: lease cash and customer incentive are from manufacturer which should be passed down to customers, while dealer cash depends on how much portion of it the dealer is willing to pass it down to you, am I right or wrong?

Sounds right, but it’d be helpful if you told us which car this is for.

Thanks @Jon. Its Chevy Bolt LT with Confidence package 1. Im doing research now and ready to contact dealers tomorrow.

Another interesting finding on Edmunds is the True Market Value given is even lower than the invoice price. Is it because there are incentives so dealers are willing to sell even lower?