How to trade in my m550i for x5m50i

Hello! In September 2021 I ended up getting 6% off msrp for a 2022 m550i but the MF had a markup to .0013. $82k msrp and monthly is $895 with $3k down.

I would like to change to the x5m50i and was curious if anyone has advice on how I could trade for that and what I should expect/try to get for the new car? Thx!

How long is the lease term for the M550i?

What does your research indicate is a fair offer for an X5 M50i?

My lease is until September 2024 and my hope is I can get the same payment terms. Is that realistic?

No, you’re not getting an X5M50i for anywhere near your current terms. You can’t even get a regular 40i M Sport X5 at that right now… keep your car.


The most important piece of advice in this situation is to keep the new car and trade transactions separate.

A) Research broker listings in the Marketplace, you can see exactly what your best case scenario will be on a new X5 lease.

As noted above it’s going to be next to impossible to get your same payment if that’s your goal.

B) Completely separate from that, solicit quotes on your current M550 from the usual online buyers like Carvana to see how much (if any) equity you may have.

Once you’ve completed steps A & B above you’ll have a much clearer picture.

give me this one lol. go grab the new one.

Agreed. Swap out of this lease first and then hit the brokers for your x5 deal.

Look at brokers listings and input the correct sales tax rate based on your address into the calculator

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I can confirm as I’ve shopped the X5M50i myself. For the targeted payment, I would put money down on that deal today. :pray:

An M550 lease at $895 should be easy enough to swap out of. A new X5 M50 lease is going to run you at least $200-$300 higher given the residual.

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Ended up getting a $98k msrp for $87k

So what did you do with your m550i :smiling_imp:

List your M550i in Private Transfers. Figure out what down payment you want, if any. Take a look at the format and other info requirements and get it listed. I would suspect a reasonable time period for transfer is somewhere between 2 to 4 weeks after applicant approval.

Great! Lease or buy? Terms?

My lease buyout was 60k and I traded it in and it covered my drive off costs of 2500 for the new lease I was lazy so didn’t wanna sell myself and the car vslue was around 68k

Lease 10/36