How to tell Aged inventory

I live in Texas, but I think this is an everywhere applicable question:

Is there any way to determine a dealer’s inventory age other than just making a spreadsheet and checking it every few days?

If you can find the car on Cargurus there’s a negotiation section that tells you how long it’s been on the lot for.


Normal aged inventory rules are off the table these days.

If it’s on the lot, it’s valuable.


I don’t like your answer, but I can see that it’s probably true.

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Just being honest about the current market! Trust me, I don’t like it anymore than you do!


Don’t worry, I’m here for the truth. You don’t always like the truth.

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Here’s a new 2020 Honda Insight I was looking at. The Negotiation section referred by @ChosenRonin looks like:

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It’s probably worse than that.

If a dealer had some aged inventory sitting on their lot in this market, I’d take that as a gigantic red flag that there is either something seriously wrong with the car or the dealer.


So I should take a pass on this new Plymouth Prowler?


Look in the door jam for the production date…that will give you an educated guess how long the vehicle has been in stock…I was looking at a in-stock Toyota Supra last week…the production date in the door jamb was 07/2020… so it been sitting in stock at the dealership for at least 8 months… that’s old inventory!!!

I never buy car without checking the production date…if it’s been sitting on the lot for too long it will get “lot rot”…


Aren’t those built in Japan? In which case it spent the rest of summer on a boat.

They’re actually made in Austria…

The platform and drivetrain is BMW sourced…

It only takes 10 to 20 days on the water…

35 to 40 days from factory to dealership…,


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