How to shorten the list for brokers?


So Im sure most brokers would like a person to have their mind made up down to like 2 or maybe 3 cars they want? Well the issue is I have no idea of what realistic pricing would be so its hard to make my short list.

Basically looking for under $250 with all costs included in AZ. Nothing down.

Top option was a Kia Niro, but reading on here it sounds like Kias dont lease well. What kind of cars of this size should I be looking at that get within this lease price range? The Encore has had good deals in the past. HRV? Equinox Ive seen mentioned here. Do I have to drop down to hatchbacks?

To get a idea of pricing is my best option to search around here? Are the manufacturers advertised deals generally a good barometer of their best current lease deal?

If you contact a competent broker and pay a retainer fee, they will do that research for you and help you narrow down choices.


Jetta probably your best bet right now or a broker

I always assume that these “deals” are the worst-case scenario for a given model.