How to respond to a terrible “offer”

Hi All,

I will soon be coming to the end of my BMW lease and I received an email from sales at my local dealer who I service my cars through but never buy from. (Mostly because of overpriced vehicles being offered as “deals”)

The one I received today was particularly awful in that they included a comparison to my current lease. The offer is a car with an MSRP of $10k less than my current lease, for which I would have the privilege of paying $180 more per month, before taxes. The drive off was lower, but not nearly low enough to make up the difference. To top it off, there was no disclosure of the money factor, and zero offered incentives.

Normally I just ignore these, but this one is so bad I feel like I have to say something.


What’s the point? Either make them a counter offer, say “thanks but no thanks”, or send it to your junk folder.

You’re never going to get a blind offer with mf/incentives/etc broken out, as most people don’t operate under those terms.


Its sounds like an automated mailer campaign. From either Automotive Mastermind or Auto Alerts. They are tools and often don’t include monthly incentives and lease credits. They are just designed and built to peak your interest. And yeah… They will never include all the details.

Was this an unsolicited offer from them? And they have your information through conquest because you service there? Or have you done a recent inquiry?


A couple of ideas.

1- Make a counter offer that low balls the car in a humiliating way. And mention how the car has bad reviews outside and no one would even pay what you offered. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

2- Tell them I posted your offer on leashackr forum and it was a material for sarcasm. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What changed?


There are some SA’s who just have low people-skills; some genuinely may not need to sell it a discount. If you look at one of the posts here - a local dealer said they would never reduce even $1000 on specific models, which I think is too much overconfidence.

Shop around - get the best numbers and send them back to match. You never know!

It sounds a lot like an old man yelling at clouds but hey it’s a free country


Now that Beavis and Butthead are apparently popular again (as evidenced by the Super Bowl commercials), I would respond with “no way fartknocker.”


Do you have to respond?


Here is a suggestion for a start : " I would normally ignore you but nowadays I have so much free time I feel like respondi…

Keep in mind that if this is an automated email, as mentioned above, all you’re doing is saying “please send me more emails!” by responding.


Just ignore it. I got an offer for $4000 DAS and $611 monthly for an i3.

After sitting on it for all of two minutes, this forum post will suffice. :grin: I’m not going to respond, nothing good can come out of it since the car is in stock and I have zero interest in how it’s configured.

The only reason I posted it is because it’s literally the worst “offer” I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few come through my email inbox. It was also the first one I’ve seen with a direct comparison to my current lease

They send these all the time. The vast majority of people don’t know what a good offer is. If these mailers didn’t work they won’t spend money mailing them.

Don’t waste your time thinking about a response. Not worth it, IMO.

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If you leased this car nearly 3 years ago, then deals are not as good as they were then. Would you mind sharing what you are leasing and what the terms were?

What was the offered deal?

Monthly? DAS? Mileage?