How to play it? Early return?

The lease on the Honda Odyssey of my wife will expire until July (9 more payments). However, I believe some dealers offer early returns (I am specially interested because her lease was a sign and drive). My wife wants another mini-van and doesn’t care if it is Honda Odyssey again. Is it possible to return the lease early? How many months in advance? Any advice is appreciated.

I have never heard of a Honda pull ahead program, its going to cost you dearly to get out early. Assuming its worth less than the residual you will pay for it one way or another. Either outright cash or its rolled into the next lease.

No need to play this one. It’s not like you got a 5 series and now you are ending it early since there is a once in a lifetime 488 Ghibli deal. You are going to get another minivan, so just chill and get another one when there is a good deal or the lease ends.

Ask for a payoff quote and then check the current value to see if it might be worth selling it.