How to negotiate?

Hi Guys,

I have a quick question about what to tell a dealer vs what not to say.

For ex, let’s say I received an offer from dealer A for $400/mo. Assuming all other variables are exactly the same, dealer B offers me $525/mo.

In this case, is it worth it (and reasonable) for me to go to dealer B and show them dealer A’s quote to see if they can at least match, if not offer a better deal?

This is happening to me for a GLC300 4Matic I am looking to lease - Dealer A offered me $564, and Dealer B offered me $651 on a very similarly priced vehicle (MSRP ~49K).

Thanks in advance,

Sure, that’s why you are negotiating. Tell dealer B to beat it… if they cannot, find Dealer C.

If everything is similar that is exactly what to do. Show dealer A the written quote and see if they can match it.

Do your homework and find out what the MF, residual based on annual mileage from Then ask dealer A what they are charging as similar to dealer B.