How to input down payment field in LH calculator

The most hard part while using lease calculator maybe is what to input for down payment. Most time, it is not appear in dealer’s quote. What should I put in?

Use this post as example

type known data into calculator, estimate dealer fee and license fee, will get this

but the payment with tax is $829, does not match dealer quote, $836.5. This problem is due to missing down payment input. Here is the formula to calculate down payment.

Let L = lease period, (for example 36)

P = pretax monthly payment, $770 in the example

TP = true monthly payment from dealer sheet = $836.5

MF = money factor = 0.00133

T = tax rate = 0.0775

D0 = current down payment in calculator, = 0

Then down payment = D0 + L *( P – TP / (1+T)) / (1+MF)

In the example = -$317, put it into calculator, monthly payment changed to $839, very close to dealer quote at $836.5.

The issue isn’t with what you’re putting down. You put the down payment on the down payment column. The mismatch with dealers is in what the drive offs consist of vs what is being rolled in.

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Couldn’t find the down payment from dealer’s quote. Many quote don’t include that field, or OP does not post that data.
even with rolled in cost, calculator should still work?

A fully detailed dealer offer will include cap cost reduction/down payment as an itemized value.

Another useless formula. Your calculation doesn’t even match the dealer’s quote. You’re off by over $1k.


quote does not have MSD, initial calculator is:

payment is $867, apply this formula, down payment = $947, after fix, payment change to $837, match quote.


And your calculation still doesn’t match. You just ignore the DAS amount?

This is closer to that worksheet.

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this formula does not address DAS part, only match monthly payment. DAS part is a different story.
once down payment fixed, change other input fix DAS. change DOC, license field does NOT affect monthly payment

Except the other inputs are fixed. The down payment is the only one you can really adjust, based on what is being paid up front or being rolled in.

Down payment affects DAS.

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So you just make up numbers to get the end result to match? :man_facepalming:

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purpose is to find out hidden/missing down payment field from dealer quote, not to makeup any number.
for full detailed quote, no need to compute.
many post also do not include the fields.

once down payment determined, lease structure will be clear.

Why do you do this?

You could spend 1/5th the time creating a google docs or excel sheet to do exactly what you wanted.

Did you even test out this formula? I just inputted the values from that deal you mentioned and I’m not even getting the $9xx number you say. I’m getting -2385. And why is the down payment number always negative if D0 is 0? Even with true sign and drive deals, this formula doesn’t commute an obvious $0 down payment number.

0 + 36*(802.7-836.5/(1+0.0775))/(1+0.00168)
= 947

Note: P is pre-tax monthly payment, = 802.7

Yes I have google sheet.
just to share the formula. thank you!

Pre-tax payment cannot be $802.7 when the tax rate is 7.75%.

Your formula still doesn’t make sense because it’s always returning a negative number and also doesn’t even equal 0 for $0 down deals.

Another example

initial calculator is

post tax payment is $320 does not match $380 + $380 DAS quote,
apply the formula will get down payment -$2041, apply formula again to get final down payment -$1975, match quote perfectly.

useful to fig out 0 DAS, first month DAS case.

There you go making up numbers again. Government fees are $730 on this $36k vehicle but $600 on the $60k+ vehicle in your first post?

Closing this thread down.