How to get Us Bank, ally etc.. numbers

Been looking at Toyota and Jeep and their MF has been pretty high in both cases. I asked them to check with bellco but they won’t give me those numbers? I finally got the numbers for a Jeep and the payment was 60 dollars less!! I’m curious now for the other cars and outside sources as well. Is there any way to get these numbers since NONE of the dealers are willing to give me the information. They just lie and say they aren’t as good

I have searched about this for a while but no real answer. Just have to charm the dealer and try to build rapport with a salesman.


Wrangler unlimited sport 4 door 4x4

I believe @RVguy might know a credit union or two.

A dealer has to be signed up with a specific Credit Union or Ally/US Bank so most likely they aren’t signed up or they don’t have a lease comparison tool to see the non-captive lease deals. We have multiple CUs in Colorado so send me a pm and I’ll get you a list of Jeep dealers that do volume with the CUs. The CUs in CO that we work with all have different MFs but use the same RVs so some might be more competitive than others.

A large monthly payment delta isn’t unheard of when looking at a CU lease vs a captive on a non-subvened vehicle (4runner, Wrangler, Tacoma, etc…)

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Hopefully not too off-topic, but would looking at those CUs help other guys trying to lease high MF / non-subvented captive deals? VW niche cars come to mind (GLI, GTI, Golf R, etc), .00200+ MF IIRC

I was able to get one dealer to give me the numbers for bellco and their interest was almost half of Chrysler along with an even higher residual for a wrangler sport unlimited. The deal didn’t go through but I will be going to another dealership with the intent to go through bellco