How to get out of VW Atlas Cross Sport 2021 Lease?

Looking to get out of my 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SEL lease. EquityHackr offered 3-4K less than good condition on trade-in on Kelley Blue Book and it is too low (30K) vs what my buyout is (about 34K) and KBB aligns with that amount (it has 14K miles).

My daughter is driving and has had a hard time driving this bus of a vehicle. We had planned on a 3rd car but things have changed and now I’m looking to get out of this and into a smaller car we can share. VW trade prices when trading at a non-VW dealer are higher and with EquityHackr coming in so low, what other options might I have? I do not want to buy a Jetta.

You can either have an Audi/VW dealer (or network affiliated dealer) buy it or you can buy it and the sell it to whomever you’d like.

You can put it up on Swap A Lease and see if someone will want to take it off your hands.
HOWEVER : You are still responsible if the new leaser defaults.

Not sure if you got my message, but I might be interested based on condition and terms.
Send me a PM.